05 March 2012

The Sugar Packet Diaries: Home Invasion

So it's March now. After 121 days straight of blogging, I've decided to slow down. From now on I think I'll try to focus on one or two quality posts a week.

Last weekend we went out of town, as I've previously discussed. When we returned home, the following took place on Facebook.

In case you're wondering, the Treacherous House-Sitter is also the Defense Against the Language Arts Teacher.

See, when we returned from our long drive and horrid shopping experience in Silver Spring, we found ducks.

In parade formation.
Specifically no fewer than 56 ducks and 42 eggs filled with sugar packets hidden around our house.

The Defense Against the Language Arts Teacher, that archtraitorix of old, has been putting on the pouty face for the past week because we didn't properly acknowledge her nefarious deeds. To which I said...

She left our light on.

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