04 January 2012

The Evil Dubstep Spirit of Hockey

The following really did happen.

Cookie Monster was unavailable for comment.
Where do I begin?

I'll start with the latter, because it was really strange. We were watching a hockey game on TV on Monday evening when suddenly the Space Monkey's Android phone spontaneously started playing a hockey-related interview.

When I say spontaneously, I mean that she wasn't using any app that could possibly be doing this. Eventually, I corrected (possibly?) the problem by opening her internet browser and repeatedly pressing the back button.

We still have no idea why that happened.

Hockey just has that effect.
As to the dubstep bit, that takes a bit more explaining. First of all, I am well aware that a lot of people don't like dubstep. My wife is one of these; I am not.

So I picked her up for lunch today and she demanded that we plug her phone into the car stereo so she could play me something.


My commentary on it was that it was all right, but I didn't like the weak drum effects. Anyway, that's not the important part. When we got to our stop, I found this and played it for her.

Which at least has better bass.

I commented that it was much better, and she made her comment above.

Then we played Mario Kart.

She does this all the time.
Okay, so that was much later, but I liked that transition better. As you may have noticed, Mario Kart tends to be an intense game for us. Since we've been talking about dubstep and how my wife hates it, you should know that she regularly starts singing this song when we play.

I don't know why.

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  1. You are misquoting me. I SAY (not sing) I hate everybody in this world. usually after being shrunk, banana'd, smacked with shells of every color, and then run over. and then fallling off the side.