20 November 2011

Rise of the Catnipvore

This is The Minion Underfoot.

Disdainfully surveying his domain, hate lasers ready to destroy any creature so foolish as to be a dog.
The Minion came to me somewhat by accident.

Though some say I asked for it.
My brother and his family found a stray cat outside of their home who was injured. Being the animal lovers they are, they took him to the vet to get him fixed up. He mentioned to me that they were looking to find him a home.

I said I'd take him.

So my father drove him all the way up to MD-DPR and brought him into my home while I was still at work. When I came home, I asked my father—who was, of course, watching the news in the living room—where the cat was. He told me he thought the cat was in my bedroom. So I went to check.

This is what I found.

That's catnip. Pretty much a full bag of it. See, Diego will eat catnip, but he doesn't react to it much. Minion, on the other hand, is an addict.

I'm not an addict (maybe that's a lie....)

We encourage this habit, because it makes him funnier. The other day the Space Monkey was commenting on how cute he was up in his cat condo. Then I hear this "Floomp!" sound. He had rolled off the cat condo and fallen to the floor.

Did you see that?!
And that's my first experience with our resident catnipvore.

Can't talk anymore. Tired.

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  1. ROFL Cats can be the funniest! Welcome to your new home, Minion. It sounds as though you'll fit in just fine...