30 November 2011

The Get Off My Lawn Chronicles: Part I

I make no representations about when the next post in this particular series will be, because it really depends on my idiot neighbors.

This morning as I left the house to take the Space Monkey to work, this is what I found.

That blue bin is a recycling bin. There's a reason for that.
Today was recycling day. If you look closely at that picture, you'll notice that one of my neighbors—who put their 'recycling' out last night in a plastic bag rather than a bin or trash can—is under the impression that turkey with lots of meat still on the bone and styrofoam egg cartons are recyclables.

Before somebody attempts to inform me that these materials may be considered recyclable in some places, witness that the Howard County Department of Public Works specifically mentions styrofoam containers in its list of things they won't accept. Also, even though the county is piloting a food scrap recycling program in Ellicott City and Elkridge—neither of which is here—they specifically mention that meat and bones are not part of the program.

So I was cross.

I don't know how well you can make it out in that picture but the bag with turkey in it got ripped open by some animal—blackbirds, rats, and foxes have all been spotted in the neighborhood; the rats in particular are something we're trying to avoid—during the night.

In such situations, I always take pictures (as above) and e-mail them to the property management so they can make people uncomfortable at the HOA meeting.

My big complaint is that it's not going to get picked up. Not on recycling day! Assuming it's still in that spot and not, say, in my basement window well or under my deck on Friday, I still doubt it'll get picked up.

The scene outside my house after the recycling was picked up.
Maybe I'm just a grumpy old man. Or maybe I just want some decency from neighbors.

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  1. Hey there!

    First off, I'm getting increasingly irked with your neighbors too. That's twice I've seen you posting about these disrespectful neighborhood denizens. What, they couldn't bend down and pick up their mess?

    Second, perhaps this will cheer you up some. I wanted to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster Award. You can read about what it is here, and find my write-up of all my nominees at

    Thanks for blogging all month long. :)