13 November 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Not much new today, but there has been some enlightenment on items from this week.

Has Anyone Seen My Money?

In sweet racket news, the Space Monkey has posted her account regarding The Diagnosis. In case I left you thinking you might want to get yourself some Assurant Health (part of Key Benefit Administrators, a participant in the PHCS health network), I think she will set you straight.

Also on that front, I have learned by force of relation that the MD-DPR toll hikes have begun phase one: the toll to get to the Eastern Shore of MD-DPR is now $4.00. intolerable.

It's bad enough that the Eastern Shore has to be way over there. Yet worse is how oddly arranged it is so that in order to get to the only city on the Eastern Shore anyone's actually trying to get to, you have to tour it all. Still more intolerable is that there is only one way to get there without going into another state first (by car; I'm not really that interested in taking a ferry).

And the Eastern Shore clearly takes an emotional and mental toll on all who live there.


My Lawn: Get Off It

The Space Monkey asked me to touch up her MS-Paint image of our parking lot situation with GIMP.

Before. At first I thought it was part of a super-villain's mask.
So I toiled away at it through the deep hours of the night and improved on it a little.

After. True story: there are Google Maps watermarks all over our development.
It's amazing what you can do with technology these days.

Veterans Day Addendum

A few years ago, I got this idea. My brother picked up a copy of the picture Reflections by Lee Teter and I got a rubbing of our uncle Jose's wall entry that I sent off to him. He got it framed and presented it to my father on our behalf.

My mother sent me a photo of the painting.

This painting never ceases to rock my world.


I wanted to leave on a cheerful note. This week will mark the first birthday of our nieces, Una and Mia.

Lest you think I was lying about calling them that.
Now if only they weren't on the Eastern Shore....

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