19 November 2011

A Domestic Cat Appears!

I've been attempting to build towards a single post called Das Katzenhaus all week. Unfortunately, the week has conspired against me, and I've come to realize that it's probably going to be that way until I've completed production of all of my lectures and study aids for next semester.

So mini-blogs.

As such would go coming from me.

This is Diego.

He's very excited to meet you.

Diego is the oldest of my cats and also the one I've had the longest. He's been with me since 5 July 2004.

When we acquired Diego, we took him to my apartment, opened the cat carrier in my bedroom, and watched this cute new creature go to work. He walked out of the cat carrier, crouched a little, tail flickering as he sniffed around a little. When I say he sniffed around a little, I don't mean that he moved side to side or anything. He walked straight, as though sniffing a trail, went out of the bedroom, down the hallway, around the corner into the kitchen, and into a hole that I had never noticed existed before.

Where he stayed for six hours.

It's what I do.
I won't lie. He was in grave danger of being named DC (Darned Cat) that day.

Eventually, he came out from there and my accomplices duct taped the hole.

And tortured him.
His full name eventually became Diego de la Sofa.

Because Diego de la Armchair sounds weird.
That is the story about how Diego came to my home. Eventually, I'll tell more stories about the other cats and about him. For now, though, I must go.

He knows I'm talking about him.

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