09 January 2012

Das Katzenhaus: Meditations on a Cherry Blossom

When the cold months dwindled away and the One began to open the blinds in the largest room to let in light, Diego discovered the beauty of the world outside his home.

Different room and season, but I never tire of this picture.
While the One went on about something called a cherry tree, Diego focused on the flying creatures outside his world. He would watch them intently and listen to their calls, trying each day to mimic them.

Or just stand on insurance documents by night.
Though Diego didn't pay any mind to it, the One would often sit and watch him watching the flying creatures.


I hated the apartment management policy in Laurel, which is what ultimately drove me to leave there. We had a problem with people parking there who shouldn't have been. In a civilized world you give your renters two parking passes or one parking pass and a guest pass or some such. The place I lived gave me one parking pass and towed my mother's rental car (even though she co-signed for my lease).

That said, I really miss the view on the cherry tree in the parking lot that was right outside of my large windows. I don't have any pictures of it, but in Spring it would blossom pink and was gorgeous. I also miss the days when my Diego would mimic the birds outside. He hasn't done it at any of the places I've lived since.

Also I was the worst Christmas decorator of all time.
Those are supposed to be snowflakes, not spider webs or gang symbols.
I said yesterday that I would take a break from this series, but I had to postpone that because I didn't have the time today for the post I was planning. Of the posts I've shared so far in this series, this is possibly my favorite memory from that time of my life.

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