03 January 2012

The Get Off My Lawn Chronicles: Part V

I'm all dried up on funny today for some reason.

Probably has something to do with Mario Kart.

I'll be starting a new series tomorrow or the day after, if'n I can get my motivation going. The only reason I went with The Get Off My Lawn Chronicles for today is that it is yet another holiday week, and the same neighbors have put their recycling out a day too early.

Anyway, the contact at the HOA said they'll be sending these specific neighbors a warning, and at least this time the mess wasn't nearly as epic as last week. We'll still end up with trash strewn across our lawn because it's been pretty windy lately, but I intend to leave The Get Off My Lawn Chronicles alone for a while unless something major transpires.

I did, after all, set out to make this a humor blog, and complaining is only funny when it's funny.

Which also has something to do with Mario Kart.

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