22 January 2012

Dominical Double-Down: Ice-Road Drivers

It is with tears in my heart and sadness in my eyes that I must confess I missed posting yesterday. So in order to provide you, my loyal readers, with the bloggage you so desire, I am doubling down today. First...

Source: Rhode Island Department of Transportation
While we didn't get that much snow and ice Friday evening, we got enough to leave about an inch of icy snow on top of all vehicles. The picture above is an example provided by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (because Maryland's DOT would probably just tell you about some kind of innovative new ice tax they're levying for your benefit) of what not to do.

I'm not going to go on an epic rant or anything, but if you're in a place that receives snow/ice and have to clean off your vehicle before driving, please remember to clean off the roof of your vehicle too.

Because you never know when the driver of this vehicle will hunt you down (Today's Trucking)
Seriously. It's not that hard, people.

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