15 January 2012

Phantom Begging

When I was doing my internship several years ago, I went in one day wearing all black with a VeggieTales tie. I explained that I was dressed this way so people might not notice I didn't own an iron.

The next time I came in, two different women gave me new irons.

Impressed with my success, I went in again a few weeks later dressed the same way and explained that I did not have any living room furniture.

A couple donated their old living room furniture to me.

I debated trying it one more time and letting everyone know I didn't have a 46" HDTV.

Sometimes, when I game...I ask higher level players for their swords too.

All that as prelude to what I received in a package yesterday from my parents.

Thank you, Argentina.
Not to mention this, received from my brother and his family.

A ducky nativity.
For those of you who don't recall or haven't been following me for a bit, I mentioned wanting the ducky nativity back in December, and I mentioned the distinct lack of Hispanic-style corned beef in this area earlier this month. Although I was mostly being facetious, my family decided to rescue me from these problems.

Cause they're awesome like that.

And I still don't have a 46" HDTV.

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