20 January 2012


I don't have anything funny to share today, just something that made my day.

The Spring Semester began on Tuesday, and one of my college students wasn't in class. I sent an e-mail to his school e-mail address, but got no response. He wasn't there again on Thursday, so I despaired of seeing him in class this semester.

As I was organizing my school e-mail account today, I found his personal e-mail address, which he had used to contact me last semester. So I sent him off a revised e-mail letting him know that I missed him in class, and how he could still join us.

Around 6:45 tonight, he called me and said that he had withdrawn from all of his classes this afternoon. Then he received my e-mail and changed his mind about my class. He said, "You reminded me that you were the professor who cared and who I could work with." So he's coming back to my class.

It made my day.

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