01 January 2012

Resolutely Irresolute

Last night we had a New Year's Eve get-together, because that's what people do. Nary had our friend the Comedy Llama arrived when the D.A.L.A. started tearing the Llama's clothing off.

Because it was highly reflective.
Granted, all I'm talking about here is an airport runway vest. She still had her uniform coveralls on. Why? What did you think I was talking about?


I thought about whether or not I wanted to try New Year's resolutions this year, then I resolved not to. The reason for this is that I am by nature a fairly aggressive person when it comes to pursuing goals (until I get close and then meh), but that I'm very bad about following calendars.

Which is a strange combination for a professor.

That said, it isn't like I don't occasionally make resolutions and then follow through with them. I did, after all, start a blog specifically to partake in NaBloPoMo in November and continued with it into December.

And January.

I also resolved to clean my office if it killed me. Which it did, but it's cool: I caught a green mushroom beforehand. In the end, I completed that as well.

In the middle of November, I resolved to change the way I go about teaching for this semester and am already in the process of that. I also resolved to take better control of my family's finances and have mostly been on top of that.

Control is an illusion: you cannot always expect the unexpected.

So as New Year's resolutions go, I resolve to be irresolute. Are there changes I will make and pursue in 2012? Yes. Not because it's 2012, but because I need to make those changes.

That's my continual resolution.


  1. Okay, I must have stayed up too late for new years because I had NO idea what you were talking/writing about. The picture however is cool.... Sigh. :)

  2. My vest! That, everybody, is why I do not take it off when I go places ...