28 December 2011

The Get Off My Lawn Chronicles: Part II

This is a holiday week. The DPW employees got Monday off, which means they pick up recycling the day after the normal schedule.

So, not today.
Even though the HOA sent us a letter in the mail and an e-mail as well as posting a sign at the entrance to the community, I knew with tragic inevitability that this was going to be the scene outside of my house this morning.

Actually, it was more like this, except with boxes on the lawn.
I have a third picture I could show if there were some way I could execute some sort of Penny Arcade style justice on the ignorant neighbors in question. Yes, one of those bins had an address on it. And, yes, I'm almost positive this all came from one neighbor.

As if this weren't maddening enough, it's going to happen again Thursday night when they put out their trash for Saturday, and again next week when we'll have the same delay.

So, yeah, that's annoying.

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