25 December 2011

In Defense of Ducky

I touched on this a bit yesterday, but this is my horse ducky.

Also known as not Justin Bieber.
I've tried to find a horse on the internet that matches him, because I know it exists. Unfortunately, I'm not that great with equestrian terminology, which is why the chest thing there has three names.

Strictly speaking (as far as I can tell), a peytral is armor worn over the chest. Caparisons are almost always full body. And barding seems to emphasize the reins more, but also the chest.

The point being, he's a horse.


Three more horse duckies. (buckaduck)

Better yet, compare!

Known as the Fairytale Horse Duck (buckaduck), part of the  Medieval Magic set.

On a side note, I found this while looking for my duck on the internet.

Ducky Nativity (underdogishere)

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  1. Say whatever you want, in person, everyone else who has seen it thinks it resembles the biebs.