09 February 2012

100 Days of Blogging

One hundred and two days ago, this blog did not exist. It was created so I could participate with my wife in NaBloPoMo. Since its creation at the beginning of November, I have written a blog post almost every day with one exception, which I followed up with two posts in one day. Yesterday's post was my hundredth.

It may please some to know that I have been thinking for the past day of how to form an English word meaning "100 days." Something in the category of 'centennial' but for days instead of years. The closest I've been able to figure is 'hekatemeral' (from the Greek 'hekaton' meaning "hundred" and 'hemera' meaning "day").

Apparently I shall have to coin that word.

As I performed a hekatemeral review, I found that my favorite humorous posts were probably the first seven posts I made. Apparently I'm just funnier when talking about my health, my wife, and my niblings, particularly when it has to do with how my wife or my niblings will ruin my health.

Mocking me as they do so.
I reckon this has something to do with the fact that I just play off of my wife so well (and vice versa). Now writing to her brother and suffering the slings and arrows of evil men have made blogging consistently difficult for her.

So I must diminish.

My favorite serious posts have been My Veterans and Das Katzenhaus: Origins. These also seem to be the ones my friends and family have responded to most positively.

I have also learned that there is an actual product called 'Nads.'

I think I feel my paradigm shifting uncomfortably.
And my favorite recipe is actually the pork tenderloins.

When I first set out to do a blog, I wanted to follow the same principle I expressed to my wife when she asked if she could blog about my hospital incident back in October: "Only if you tell the story humorously." That's been my goal much of the time, although I think I missed the mark on a few posts that were more complaining than humor.

In the next hundred days, I hope to be more humorous.

Lest my masters visit chastisement upon me.

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