15 February 2012

Pizza is a Strange Mistress

I don't know what I've been eating this week, but I've got another dream to talk about today. I mean, obviously, I know what I've been eating. I had pizza for dinner last night.

Possibly an explanation.
That would normally suffice except this dream came at 10 a.m. today (Tuesday is a stupid day), a full 11 hours after I had pizza. So...

As I've mentioned previously, I have begun applying to a Ph.D. program. This just happens to be at the same school I have my Bachelor's from (my Master's is from the school I teach at).

This morning I dreamed that I had started my Ph.D. studies except I was doing them in residency. Not only was I in residency, I was staying in my old dorm instead of graduate housing. Not only that, but I was rooming with my roommate from my junior year...who was still an undergrad.

It's been 11 years. I'm just saying.*

Something else that also stood out to me was that the room was set up like my freshman year dorm room. This will always stand out to me because it involved having the head of my bed in the closet with both dressers bracketing the foot of the bed against the wall. My roommate's bed was on the opposite side of the dressers so if we were both in our beds we could not see each other.

For some reason, this amused all our friends.
I don't remember much beyond that in the dream except I think there was a conveyor belt in our room.

Also, a fox (all about anything)
Suffice it to say, our dorm was not that cool. Also suffice it to say I don't want to live in dorms again.

* He graduated the year after I did.

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