08 February 2012

WIS-WhaSH: Ellicott City Jaguars

Before I ever started this blog, one of our original ideas was to feature occasional cases of me saying something and my wife misunderstanding it. You see, her hearing's going because of all the country music and NPR that she listens to, so this happens quite often.

Today, the topic "With what team will Peyton Manning end up?" came up on the radio. 

(WIS) What I said: "Maybe he should just go to Kansas City like Joe Montana."
(WhaSH) What she heard: "Maybe he should just go to Ellicott City like Joe Montana."

Ellicott City, MD: Home of Huggers? (Google Maps)
When I told her what I had actually said, she explained her mishearing to me with the comment, "I was gonna say, 'Why?'"

Now, the No Fun League's Jacksonville Jaguars have been rumored for a long time to be heading to another city, presumably Los Angeles. My wife and our friend Isolde are the only two actual Jacksonville Jaguars fans I've ever met, so on the rare occasion I'm feeling mean, I tease them on this.

Quoth I: "Because the Jacksonville Jaguars have decided to move their franchise, not to Los Angeles, but Ellicott City, MD, so they can be closer to their fan base."

I'm not entirely sure how they'd feel about that.

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