21 February 2012


Over the past week, I have learned from my dreams that I am apparently an anarchist extremist living in a college dorm while working on his Ph.D. The former is directly attributable to taxes while the latter is apparently a demonstration of the phenomenal cosmic power of pizza.

Now that I mention it, there's a pretty good pizza place in the town in which I went to college....

But I digress.

My wife has asked why she hasn't been in my dreams, to which I responded:

Seems legit.
My most recent dream is making me think there may be something to this whole aliens thing.

It will undoubtedly delight my wife to know that she was in my dream this time. I dreamed that I was following my usual Tuesday routine, i.e. getting up, picking up lunch for her, and dropping it off. Then I began to drive to school.

Which is when the sky started to get dark.

By dark, I don't mean cloudy, but actually nasty thunderstorm type darkness. There wasn't any lightning or thunder or rain or anything at first. It was getting windy, and we had a dust storm (which doesn't happen in our part of the MD-DPR). I kept looking back up at the sun. It was exactly where it was supposed to be and nothing was eclipsing it except for wispy grey clouds.

Yet the sky in front of me continued to get darker, and then there was snow like ash. In retrospect it reminds me of playing a video game like, say, EverQuest 2 (which we have both played) and transitioning within a zone from a fertile plain to a snowy mountain. It was very sudden and surprisingly deep.

I managed to make it to school just fine despite ending up on the wrong side of the main road in town for two blocks (this has only ever happened to me in Laurel. Perhaps I'll tell you about that sometime). Part of the reason I probably made it to school is that it was only six blocks from where the wife works, rather than 28 miles.

Once there, I went in like normal and my students were asking me about my thoughts. I didn't know what to say, but we were looking out the window and heard a tremendous roar as a stealth bomber (or possibly a Goa'uld death glider) passed right over the school building at Mach 1.

A death glider is kinda what happens when you (stupidly) make a stealth bomber backwards (Gateworld)
For those who don't know any better, buzzing a building at Mach 1 is both incredibly rude and not something stealth bombers are encouraged or really allowed to do over US soil. For one thing, it's not very stealthy, and for another the sonic boom can damage property and people.

So that was weird.

At that point, I was forced to conclude that the world as we knew it was ending.

I can probably attribute this dream to two factors: watching last night's episode of Castle ("Linchpin") and reading about how Disney's Atlantis is the same as Stargate (which I knew way back when I actually watched Atlantis). But I didn't come to talk about that.

I came to say to my wife, Yes, my beloved, you were in my dream.

And then the world ended.

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