12 February 2012

Behold the Meal: Luxurious Po' Boy

Normally when I post a recipe here, it's my own. Today's recipe, however, comes from my poor ailing wife. She decided to make a sandwich out of last night's leftovers. Also, for once, we have a vegetarian option.

I'm not sure you can call it a Po' Boy when it's got brie.
Carnivore option: (leftover) chicken
Vegetarian option: (prepared) artichoke hearts
Optional vegetarian option: Extra-firm tofu, in thin strips
Spinach, chopped
Brie, cut in thin strips
Bread (we used Pretzel Bread)
Bread dipping oil (or olive oil with pepper and herbs)

Preparation (Carnivore option)
Since we were using leftovers from a rotisserie chicken, she first had to carve the meat from the chicken. This is the main bit of prep for this option.

Preparation (Vegetarian option)
The vegetarian option requires a bit of preparation because artichoke hearts are so wet. Drain them first in a strainer and then on napkins. This is to prevent them from getting the bread soggy, which would not be as tasty.

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Cut the bread down the middle so you have a top half and bottom half. Drizzle dipping oil on the bread using a spoon and let it seep in while the oven warms up. Lay the two halves of bread on an oven rack directly, flesh side down.

Regardless of the option you chose, put the main ingredient (chicken or artichoke heart) in the oven at the same time as the bread. Obviously, you'll want to put these into an oven-safe dish before putting them in the oven. Toast bread and main ingredient for 7 minutes.

Remove from oven, put the main ingredient on the bread. If you're into that sort of thing, layer on tofu on top of the main ingredient, sprinkle with chopped spinach, and layer the brie strips on top.

Return to top rack of oven, and broil for 2 minutes. Check after one minute to ensure the broiler isn't completely burning your food. Broilers do that.

Remove from the oven and serve!


  1. This sounds delishhhhhh!

  2. I have to admit that I'd never seen a Po' Boy before. Thanks for the lesson. I'll have to talk with Sis about considering one of these for lunch one day.

    Sounds good.