23 December 2011

The Sugar Packet Diaries: The Best Sugar Packet Is Fear

These are my friends: the Defense Against the Language Arts teacher, the Happy Llama, and the Brandilion.

The Brandilion has candy in her van.
At some point a few years ago, the D.A.L.A. and the Llama started getting into a never-ending spy vs. spy fashion battle involving planting sugar packets. I know from experience that sugar packets have been planted in wallets, purses, jackets, car trunks, VCRs, laptop computers, beds, feminine hygiene products, and taped on doors in threatening fashions.

Which brings us to tonight.

But first, a duck.

Advertising a major airline.
Anyway, where was I?

Right, sugar packets!

I don't normally like The Office, but there was an episode some time back in which Rainn Wilson's character psychologically tormented his co-worker with snowballs and snowmen. In the end, he delivered a line that has stayed with us since then: "Sometimes, the best snowball isn't a snowball: it's fear."

Now to the video.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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