31 December 2011


This morning, I went shopping...and Starbucks was closed.

Also true.
That said, today started off well. I woke up without my alarm clock at 7 a.m.—while it was still dark—showered, slipped out the house, and did groceries while the masses were still amassing.

Perfect people-free morning.

Starbucks being closed was a mild inconvenience. I could've tried the Burtonsville Starbucks, where they will get any drink wrong, no matter how simple. Alternatively, I could've gone all the way over to the Starbucks by Walmart, but that would've almost certainly ruined my people-free morning.

Let me qualify my idea of a people-free morning at this stage of my life. First of all, it doesn't exclude my wife. Or my cats. It doesn't even exclude the existence of other people at the supermarket when I got there. Other cars on the road are all right as long as there aren't a lot and they aren't driving like diplomats.

Everyone else can pretty much get lost.

In the end, I settled for going to the gas station to get my coffee, which turned out to be fine anyway since it gave me a chance to pick up some apple juice and a danish. These are the perks you simply don't get from the supermarket.

It was a good day.

And then I was made to do more groceries during the Devils game.

Which also meant dealing with the aforementioned masses. (Comics Alliance)
Even now, I must reach for my calm. Where was it? Oh yes! I drank my coffee while listening to one of my favorite songs in the car. Just me and the quiet and the song.

I thought about what I would post on my blog today. Why not talk about what we've learned this year? Sounds like a plan to me.

Speaking of cats, you might recall that The Minion Underfoot likes to move stuff on us. Well, this was something I noticed almost by accident yesterday.

My 5-lb Christmas stocking...transported from the office to the hallway.
And the last thing I will leave you with this year is that Santa rides a lasagna into our neighborhood.

One of our neighbor's (one we like) decorations.
Happy New Year to all yous peoples.

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  1. Happy New Year! I'm stopping by from NaBloPoMo. Alone time with coffee in the morning is precious.