15 December 2011

Delusions of Finality MK II

In which I perish.

Smitten by a survival kit. How ironic.
There's a story about that.

Today was the last day of finals. I decided to give my college students only five translations. They were unable to finish in the allotted two hours.

I'm more than a little annoyed by that.

Anyway, I graded as soon as I got home and have my grades and grade books submitted for both classes, so life is good. Which means I get to rest, right?


Nope. The picture above is what the office in our house looks like right now. Mostly this is no longer my fault. The Space Monkey adores putting stuff in there when I'm not looking.

Tragically, it killed me.

It was cool, though. I had an extra guy.

I decided last night that I really need the office back. Part of its abandonment for so long has been that my desktop computer is now just a bunch of functional parts that happen to be put together in a non-functional manner. I suspect the problem that led to this was that the power supply was insufficient to support it. Unfortunately, we've reached the point in which buying a new computer would be cheaper than buying multiple parts to troubleshoot it.

She was a good computer.

So, the office.

I need it back. It is simply not easy to be productive from a recliner and I have to get started on next semester's stuff like yesterday.

But that's not what I came here to talk about.

Today I sent an e-mail off to the Academic Dean from my cellphone. My Android's Autocorrect decided to try to sabotage me, which I'm sure surprises you all. Happily, I was able to correct it before sending it to my boss.

The autocorrect of my last name is Perish.

Makes my name sound like a command. And I'm not comfortable with that.

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