17 December 2011

Bumper Crop

Today, I saw a license plate I really admired. It said, simply "LESS QQ."

Which being translated meaneth: "Less crying, more doing."
I confess that I adore that license plate. That got me thinking about some other interesting car bumpers I've seen recently, including my own.

Last night, the Space Monkey and I went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows along with my homeboy in Israel, Artur. Ignoring the fact that Artur is neither in nor from Israel, check out this sweet bumper sticker he gave me.

My own picture, but see
Finally, a candidate I can get behind.

I've seen this vehicle several times recently.

The Howard County Police Spanish Interpreter. (
There are a couple of things to note about this. Last Thursday as I drove home from class, I saw this car from behind and was apparently tired because I didn't read it as "Spanish Interpreter."

I read Spanish Inquisitor.

Yet another use of my tax dollars I can get behind.

The fact that our Spanish Interpreter gets a special cruiser intrigues/amuses me. I grew up as a Hispanic in a very Hispanic part of New Jersey. While Hudson County almost certainly had police cars that said both Police and Policia, I don't think they had special cars for their interpreters.

Or their inquisitors.

At the risk of going too far into politics, the cast of cartoon characters the GOP has decided to foist upon the American people this year leads me to believe that—barring a surprise candidate or a catastrophic collapse on the incumbent side—the 2012 general election is going to be spectacularly boring.

So why not Palpatine? I bet he could fix the economy. I mean, imagine how low the unemployment number would go if we simply got rid of the unemployed. After all, plenty of them have already conveniently camped out in the major cities for easy identification.

And if not Palpatine, how about Voldemort?

I first saw this bumper sticker in 2008.
Or, if all else fails, how about Chthulhu?

It's not like you'll have to endure four whole years.
Yes, I think it's time for a strong reaction. I would prefer Palpatine and Vader, personally. More chance of survival.

And I'm hoping for the role of Spanish Inquisitor.

To promulgate a clear, simple agenda.

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