07 December 2011

The Hills Have Diapers (Part 2)

We arrived at our location in West Virginia shortly after 10 a.m. Once there, we were greeted by my brother-in-law (the husband of Cain's wife) and a terrifying hound of hell.

And he was monstrous.
My father-in-law, his two single sons, and the Cains (x5) had come up the previous night. I must explain to you how inspirational this was.

We had originally planned to leave the previous night as well, but it was pouring here in MD-DPR, as is the custom in our winters. And my parents' SUV has spent the majority of its life in Florida, not exactly known for its rugged terrain. That's why we left in the morning instead.

When we turned off the main road to the 'driveway' to the farm, we were presented with a narrow winding dirt road up the side of a mountain. In the daytime it was mildly terrifying.

Did I mention clouds? (Google Maps)
We never considered driving it at night.

Anyway, we finally arrived there.

Later that day, my other married brother-in-law and his wife and spawn (x2) arrived. Still later, my mother-in-law and her two daughters arrived.

After dark.

We did leave signal fires for them.
That night, the sense of impending horror settling upon us, I went to sleep to the sounds of dogs howling and babies crying.

In the morning, the barricades were up.

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