14 December 2011

It Came from Finals (Part 1?)

As I related previously, this is Finals week. Here's what's awesome about being a professor.

Student: "The Santa Clause." Me: "Cute, but I hated those movies."
Student: "Mrs. Clause." Me: "She's cute, but Christmas is canceled. And the Easter Bunny's dead."
Admittedly, I could be more witty, but eh.

On the off chance you're curious, the answer I was looking for (this semester) is a third attributive (adjective). That's the pattern noun-definite article-adjective. When they get into actual syntax next year, it's an accusative in simple apposition: kyrion is the direct object, ton theon is an appositive.

Both their answers are wrong, obviously, but it was extra credit anyway.

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