04 December 2011

The Hills Have Diapers: A Thanksgiving Survival Horror (Part I)

Two weeks ago, my parents came way up here (as my father liked to remind us). Their purpose was two-fold: to visit us and to join us for Thanksgiving with my in-laws in the hills of West Virginia.

True story: there's a place in WV named Scary....
What could possibly go wrong?

We loaded up my parents' SUV on Tuesday evening and then some more on Wednesday morning when we left a little after 4 a.m.

We didn't even have time to make coffee!

An ugly start.
We were able to remedy the coffee situation at the gas station in Savage (yes, there is a municipality named Savage in MD-DPR), and made our way southwest under cover of darkness.

The trip down passed uneventfully despite my father complaining that we were far from civilization because they didn't have The John Boy Show on the local radio stations.

Also, strangely, a real show.
Truth be told, they might have had that show in southwestern Virginia and/or West Virginia, but I wasn't going to try to find it. Seriously, it's like I don't even know him anymore.

Wrong parent, right idea. (from
After five hours of travel, we eventually arrived at our destination in West Virginia.

Also a true story: this greeted us when we first arrived.
Who could know what horrors awaited us?

Author's Note: I've had this title planned since I first said it while in WV. Then I got sick and busy almost immediately upon returning and it just sorta got delayed. The original plan was for one post, but I've decided to break it up. Lest these posts sound like complaining, we actually had a great time, but writing it as a horror story (particularly for us city slickers [my parents and me]) amused me more.

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