10 December 2011

The Hills Have Diapers (Conclusion)

Saturday morning, I awoke before dawn.

Have I mentioned how creepy trees are?

Because of obligations my mother had in New Jersey, it was my filial duty to drive them as far as MD-DPR. Given my gradually increasing back pain, I was looking forward to being home again.

Which really means I have to re-evaluate my life.
On Friday, my brother-in-law (Son-of-Chuck), his wife, and their sons Secundus and Tertius returned from whence they came. Since I haven't seen them since then, I can only imagine they too succumbed to the T-virus.

The Space Monkey and I switched to the bedroom they had vacated, which was mostly better than our previous one except for having a crib in it.

Have I mentioned how creepy cribs are? (Ikea)
Since it was only my filial duty to return my parents to civilization (where, presumably, they have the John Boy show...), the Space Monkey elected to stay behind.

Where she was tragically overcome by toddlers.
Reluctantly, I left her behind.

It's amazing how dusty a car can get after only a few days.
After 5 and a half hours in the car with my parents, I made it home, certain that I was safe.

I was wrong.

That night, I could feel the sickness starting to take hold.

Proof of sickness.
Quickly, I went out and bought a Christmas tree to let my soon-to-be-widow know that I loved her.

And that I was sorry that I ate her brains.

They were just too delicious with that red wine sauce.

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