20 December 2011

The Sweet Sound of Typing

Last night as I typed up my previous post, the Space Monkey asked me to turn the volume on the football game back on because she couldn't stand the sound of my typing. Tragically, the remote controls were way over there, so neither of us was in the mood to get them to turn the volume back on.

Normally, if I were going to be done relatively quickly, I would just put something on YouTube that we both liked until I was done. But I wasn't that close to finishing up, so I wanted something I wouldn't have to refresh or think of something new every few minutes.

So I gave her Nyan Cat.

After 420 seconds, she decided typing sounds were preferable.

She then started playing Elf City Online on her phone with the volume up to WAKE THE NEIGHBORS as a not-so-subtle way of getting back at me.
I regret nothing!
Author's Note: It wasn't until several hours later that I realized I could have chosen Pandora. Oops.


  1. I love the sounds of typing. It soothes me. Probably not my kids, tho'.

  2. I wasn't getting you back. I was drowning you out.

    Subtle difference.