13 December 2011

Delusions of Finality

The funny has been drained from me today.

Today was the first of the two final exams I'm administering this semester. It was preceded by a study session with my college students for their version of the final to be taken on Thursday.

I've got a problem though.

I told the college students that their exam would consist of 10 translations and they would have two hours to do it. The problem is that I gave my grad students an exam consisting of what I thought were 10 easy translations (it only took me 20 minutes to take the exam...) tonight. I thought they'd finish it in about an hour, I'd be able to grade it before heading home, and possibly be home by 9 p.m.

I left at 10 p.m., the exams ungraded.

That it took them three hours is unnerving. I'll have to rethink my plan of attack for Thursday.

Or I won't.

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