09 December 2011

The Hills Have Diapers (Part 4)

Friday was a much less manic day than Thursday had been, even though it was my day to prepare dinner. That meant significantly fewer cooks in the kitchen.

Even if my mother was being too helpful.

Strangely, a real book.
I may be the type of person who likes to cook alone.

Get out! (The Daily Mail)
Eventually, I was able to convince her to go play with the babies.

Which may have been a trap. (my mother and  the recently possessed Mia).
With my mother out of the kitchen, my father off playing with turkeys...

Not actually a metaphor.
...and some of the children straight passed out...

Because they can't handle their drinks (Tertius).
...along with some of the parents...

Because sleep doesn't come at night
(left to right: the husband of Cain's wife, Una, Cain's wife, Mia,  sister-in-law unit #3)
...I was able to cook in relative peace.

Except for the part where Primus was doing laps around the inside of the house.

Young Primus, seen here acting casual for the security cameras.
Speaking of young Primus, I neglected to mention the part where he locked his dad's only set of car keys in their minivan on Thanksgiving day.

Possible rendition of how his father felt about that.
Needless to say, this landed him firmly in the penalty box for a good long time.

Where he tried to be as pathetic as possible.
Tragically, they were unable to recover the keys, leaving Cain and his wife stranded there forever!

I will miss what's-her-name most of all.

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  1. Oddly enough, that wasn't my child asleep on me... haha ;)

    and yes, that photo strangely reflects the emotions well ;) (and strangely more, it really captures the craziness that is my son's hair)